Poy Sang Long (thai. “Festival of jewel sons”) is one of the main Buddhist festivals celebrated by Shan (Thai Yai) community in Myanmar and Northern Thailand. Literally, it’s a novice ordination ceremony. Young boys aged between 7 and 14 are ordained as novices to learn the Buddhist doctrines. It’s believed that they will gain merit ordaining for their parents.

Location: Pai, Maehongson province, Northern Thailand
Photo: Artem Zhushman

20120324_poysanglong_02-IMG_4039sc 20120324_poysanglong_03-IMG_3895sc 20120324_poysanglong_04-IMG_4068sc 20120324_poysanglong_06-IMG_4150sc 20120324_poysanglong_07-IMG_4171sc 20120324_poysanglong_08-IMG_4262sc 20120324_poysanglong_09-IMG_4283sc 20120324_poysanglong_10-IMG_4291sc 20120324_poysanglong_11-IMG_4307sc 20120324_poysanglong_12-IMG_4111sc 20120324_poysanglong_13-IMG_4320sc 20120324_poysanglong_14-IMG_4328sc 20120324_poysanglong_15-IMG_4480sc 20120324_poysanglong_16-IMG_4384sc 20120324_poysanglong_17-IMG_4472sc 20120324_poysanglong_18-IMG_4373sc 20120324_poysanglong_19-IMG_4516sc 20120324_poysanglong_20-IMG_4491sc 20120324_poysanglong_21-IMG_4568sc 20120324_poysanglong_22-IMG_4620sc 20120324_poysanglong_23-IMG_4626sc 20120324_poysanglong_24-IMG_4711sc 20120324_poysanglong_25-IMG_4729sc 20120324_poysanglong_26-IMG_4733sc 20120324_poysanglong_27-IMG_4748sc 20120324_poysanglong_28-IMG_4446sc



Poy Sang Long festival in Pai


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